The Larkdale Slasher

Working for the local Shire, your team assignment is to inspect the abandoned sanitarium on the outskirts of town marked for demolition. Please remain vigilant as you enter the dark cold vacant building, be mindful of the structurally damaged floors and walls. There have been many rumours surrounding the derelict sanitarium especially now its former employees have gone missing. Have squatters taken up residence or someone more sinister?

Armed with your clip board and torch your task is to establish if the building is uninhabited in order to deem it ready for demolition. Will you be able to complete your work order or will its eerie presence get the better of you?

  • Time Frame: 60minutes
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Style: Mature Themes, Horror, Gore, Tight Spaces
  • Recommend age group: 13 years +
  • Recommend Attire: Warm Clothes